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by Steve Sofferin

Released 02/23/2018
Released 02/23/2018
  • 03:53 Lyrics Postscript

    Postscript  © 2017 Steve Sofferin

    I don’t know why

    You would be walking away from me now

    I don’t remember the reasons you gave to me

    When you were just thinking about leaving

    No I don’t recall


    It’s harder I know

    Wondering forever

    But things just go on

    It’s like a surrender of my heart to the night

    I just keep waking to write down a few lines

    And ramble forever


              Write a smile on this lonely beginning

              Just some simple words just to change the scene

              I’m waiting while my heart gains momentum

              Cause’ I won’t be going there again


    It’s lonely I guess

    Only the night is waiting

    For me I know

    Slowly it turns into a dream of romance

    That I have been waiting to share

    To go on forever

  • 05:01 Lyrics B.B. (I'll be King Someday)

    B.B. (I’ll be King Someday) ©2017 Steve Sofferin


    Nobody knows ya, In Indianola

    A seed in a dust bowl, but that Boy could sing


    Strings from a pawn shop, Some soul and some blacktop

    Miles from Memphis, you’d become King


    With Bill at the console, deep in Chicago

    We got "So Excited", you played until dawn


    Nobody loves you, but your Mama, that ain't true

    And now that we're so blue, that thrill ain't gone


                Playin' the Blues on DIA

                “Every day I have the Blues” (first chorus)

                “Someday Baby”, My Own Fault” (second chorus)

                “Pay’n the Cost to be the Boss” (final chorus)

                A Sweet Little Angel heard you say

                Lucille, I'll be King someday


    Small clubs, a few hits, juke joints and bus trips

    Bar fights and no tips, and 3:00 blues


    To big crowds in Harlem, The Regal and London

    Cook County loved him, Beale St. too


    Ringo and Leon, Bono and Clapton

    Jagger and Bill Graham, pay'n B.B. his dues


    A new generation, The Medal of Freedom

    Grammy's and stardom, that’s the power of the Blues


    Strings from a pawn shop, some soul and some blacktop

    Miles from Memphis, you'd become King

  • 04:39 Lyrics Kitchen & the Bed

    The Kitchen and the Bed © 2017 Steve Sofferin


    Oh, I’ve been so lonely everyday

    I used to come home to dinner on the table

    But now you’ve got me wasting away


    I promise not to call you my old lady

    I can be more dignified

    So, won’t you put me on a TV dinner, Baby

    That would be all right




              Because you used to cook so good, you spoiled my appetite

              Told me not to carry out, showed me how to eat right

              Now you want to leave me, is it something I said

              Must be those silly old comments, about the kitchen and the bed


    Its sure been lonely baby

    And my groceries are getting old

    Oh, what a dismal feeling

    When you oven’s always cold


    My stomach’s getting empty

    I’m losing weight by the pounds

    This food just ain’t worth eating

    Without you around

  • 04:47 Lyrics Time Will Tell

    Time Will Tell © 2017 Steve Sofferin


    You know it’s getting old,

    always doing me wrong.

    When I leave a message for you baby,

    you always take too long


    Cold as ice in the day or night,

    you ain’t paying me no attention when the time is right


    Bad luck and trouble

    going to bring me down,

    And my friends they tell me,

    “She’s bad news” to be around.


    Your bad news baby, think it’s time to run,

    But I ain’t going, ‘cause you just might come…




    I’m going to crawl right down to the bottom of a wishing well.

    And I might stay down there awhile, but it’s cold as hell.

    And it ain’t nobody’s business, if I want to get back on my feet

    And come running back to you baby, only time will tell.


    One time too many,

    keep on doing me wrong,

    Word is out on you baby,

    stringing me along.


    I see you now in the streetlight’s glow

    I should walk on by but I still don’t know…

  • 05:11 Lyrics Oceans

    OCEANS © 2017 Steve Sofferin


    Long and forgotten, your tales of old

    Don’t seem the same anymore

    And loneliness is sad but true, it takes more than you can afford


    Down, down, down… Down you go

    It takes only moments to fall

    Once you were catered, and dining with Kings, Now you’re just losing it all




                So, take to the Oceans

                Raise up your sales to the wind

                Taking off seaward

                Starting all over again                  


                            Don’t it seem easy, but don’t you lose sight

                            It takes only moments to fall

                            The night is approaching, it’s going to strike back

                            The harbor lights dim, then they’re gone


    Cool, cool waters, grow darker by night

    They seem to run up to the sky

    Farther and farther you’ve traveled enough, finding no guidance in sight


    Once you were catered and dining with Kings

    Traveling the islands with friends

    Dancing and drinking until the moon dies, don’t you want to go sailing again


                So, take to the Oceans

                Raise up your sales to the wind

                Taking off seaward

                Starting all over again                  


                            Don’t it seem easy, but don’t you lose sight

                            It takes only moments to fall

                            The night is approaching

                            It’s going to strike back

                            The harbor lights dim, then they’re gone

  • 03:39 Lyrics The Game

    The Game © 2017 Steve Sofferin



    You take your pick of all the chances life has dealt you

    Hoping you get far

    You hope to hell there’s a future worth the living


    Life comes early when the work is never over

    There’s little time for life

    You stack the deck so that it’s always in your favor


    Who holds the cards, who knows your name

    Who wins the bet, who plays the game?



    It’s just you, and I

    Watch the world fall apart

    In the blink of an eye

    And I, still hope

    That we can save it someday, so the children can play

    The Game



    You take a chance when you choose the road before you

    Sometimes you never plan

    It’s just a story about to unfold


    I may never cross the path that I had hoped for

    May never get that far

    But on the way well there’s an answer there somewhere


    Who holds the cards, who knows your name

    Who wins the bet, who plays the game?

  • 04:21 Lyrics History

    HISTORY © 2017 Steve Sofferin


    I guess I’m past the saddest part, and trying to drown this broken heart

    I finally took your picture down today.

    I guess it’s time to move ahead, and, “Get a Life”, that’s what you said

    There’s nothing left for me here anyway


    I’m putting my deposit down

    On my new place, in my new town

    There’s nothing here that makes me think of you

    But when it’s late and the music’s on

    I accidently play that song

    I get to thinking you’re here in my arms




              There’s so much history

              Between the lives of you and me

              I still hold you in my arms, but to you I’m just a memory

              And there’s so much history

              Between the love of you and me

              And I’ve still got you here at home, but to you I’m just here all alone


    I’m getting tired and change is slow, I need to get that life I know

    My friends are tired of seeing me this way

    I can’t find that picture now, I must have lost it in the move and all

    I think I’ll write the book on letting go

  • 03:34 Lyrics Standin'

    Standin’ © 2017 Steve Sofferin


    I’ve been standin’, in this bar line, so long it ain’t true

    I’ve been standin’ here for hours ‘cause I listened to you

    I’ve been drowning my sorrows, in a little glass cup

    Did you tell me the truth or did you make it all up


    Got to wonder, what you’re thinking, can’t settle for less

    It’s the only thing, puts my mind at rest

    Left my loving, back with you, Like it back to myself,

    Oh, why can’t I find somebody else




    I’ve been standin’, in the corner

              Try to forget romance

              Hey mister, have you got another quarter

              I got that urge to dance.


    Got my head turned, towards the sunrise, best way to go

    See the sun shine down like a pot of gold

    Feels good, to be leaving, best thing I’m told

    Lord it sure feels good to be out on your own

  • 03:05 Lyrics Porch Song

    PORCH SONG © 2017 Steve Sofferin


    You know it's hard to explain, but you've been causing misery

    Never give but always takin', and you're slowly breaking me

    And I hope you're gone by morning, like to spend the day alone

    Wish you'd walk right out the door now, and leave me on my own


    You keep on askin' me questions about the way you want to be

    You keep on prying and deciding, and it's getting hard to see

    That I do have some restrictions, but they've never been observed

    Things you've never been aware of, boy you sure do have the nerve



    You know I don't do too much talking

    But I've still got things to say

    I wish you'd pack up your belongings

    and take them all away

    You know I've never been this lonely,

    But I've never been alone

    Why don't you pack it all and leave now

    and go out and hit the road


    You ain’t been treating me with fairness, and you're taking all that's mine

    Sometimes you show up in the morning, and want to waste my time

    Start to lower my resistance, but then I get the strength

    Got to keep you in the distance, so don't hang around too late

  • 04:22 Lyrics Two Shots of Jack

    Two Shots of Jack © 2017 Steve Sofferin


    Just before morning, I opened my eyes,

    When I reached over, what a surprise.

    Before I could stand up, my feet on the floor,

    I heard your footsteps, and you slam the door.


    I ran to the kitchen, the coffee was on,

    You’d been up writing, since early dawn.

    You wrote of the reasons, you need a new start,

    but back in the kitchen, you broke this old heart.




    You left your favorite things,

    here in this house with me.

    You think you’re wild and free,

    And I’m here alone.


    I think I’ll walk on back,

    Start getting back on track.

    Bartender, two shots of Jack,

    and start gettin’ on


    Every so often, I start thinking back,

    the note that you left me, and how our lives passed.

    The heart is so fragile, and love is so blue,

    and when I reach over, I’m still thinking of you.

The first full-length album from singer/songwriter Steve Sofferin, HISTORY is a classic in the making. Bluesy at times, strings, big horns & harmonies, and a little bit country. Steve calls HISTORY, "My Tapestry, my Court & Spark". HISTORY was written by Steve Sofferin, produced by Raz Koren, mixed by Clifton David Broadbridge at El Mocambo Productions, recorded by Calvin Hartwick, and mastered by Joao Carvalho.