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Steve Sofferin
Steve Sofferin


HISTORY © 2017 Steve Sofferin


I guess I’m past the saddest part, and trying to drown this broken heart

I finally took your picture down today.

I guess it’s time to move ahead, and, “Get a Life”, that’s what you said

There’s nothing left for me here anyway


I’m putting my deposit down

On my new place, in my new town

There’s nothing here that makes me think of you

But when it’s late and the music’s on

I accidently play that song

I get to thinking you’re here in my arms




          There’s so much history

          Between the lives of you and me

          I still hold you in my arms, but to you I’m just a memory

          And there’s so much history

          Between the love of you and me

          And I’ve still got you here at home, but to you I’m just here all alone


I’m getting tired and change is slow, I need to get that life I know

My friends are tired of seeing me this way

I can’t find that picture now, I must have lost it in the move and all

I think I’ll write the book on letting go