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Kitchen & the Bed

Steve Sofferin
Steve Sofferin


The Kitchen and the Bed © 2017 Steve Sofferin


Oh, I’ve been so lonely everyday

I used to come home to dinner on the table

But now you’ve got me wasting away


I promise not to call you my old lady

I can be more dignified

So, won’t you put me on a TV dinner, Baby

That would be all right




          Because you used to cook so good, you spoiled my appetite

          Told me not to carry out, showed me how to eat right

          Now you want to leave me, is it something I said

          Must be those silly old comments, about the kitchen and the bed


Its sure been lonely baby

And my groceries are getting old

Oh, what a dismal feeling

When you oven’s always cold


My stomach’s getting empty

I’m losing weight by the pounds

This food just ain’t worth eating

Without you around