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Porch Song

Steve Sofferin
Steve Sofferin


PORCH SONG © 2017 Steve Sofferin


You know it's hard to explain, but you've been causing misery

Never give but always takin', and you're slowly breaking me

And I hope you're gone by morning, like to spend the day alone

Wish you'd walk right out the door now, and leave me on my own


You keep on askin' me questions about the way you want to be

You keep on prying and deciding, and it's getting hard to see

That I do have some restrictions, but they've never been observed

Things you've never been aware of, boy you sure do have the nerve



You know I don't do too much talking

But I've still got things to say

I wish you'd pack up your belongings

and take them all away

You know I've never been this lonely,

But I've never been alone

Why don't you pack it all and leave now

and go out and hit the road


You ain’t been treating me with fairness, and you're taking all that's mine

Sometimes you show up in the morning, and want to waste my time

Start to lower my resistance, but then I get the strength

Got to keep you in the distance, so don't hang around too late