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Time Will Tell

Steve Sofferin
Steve Sofferin


Time Will Tell © 2017 Steve Sofferin


You know it’s getting old,

always doing me wrong.

When I leave a message for you baby,

you always take too long


Cold as ice in the day or night,

you ain’t paying me no attention when the time is right


Bad luck and trouble

going to bring me down,

And my friends they tell me,

“She’s bad news” to be around.


Your bad news baby, think it’s time to run,

But I ain’t going, ‘cause you just might come…




I’m going to crawl right down to the bottom of a wishing well.

And I might stay down there awhile, but it’s cold as hell.

And it ain’t nobody’s business, if I want to get back on my feet

And come running back to you baby, only time will tell.


One time too many,

keep on doing me wrong,

Word is out on you baby,

stringing me along.


I see you now in the streetlight’s glow

I should walk on by but I still don’t know…