Steve Sofferin's album HISTORY is released!

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Steve Sofferin's album HISTORY is released!

HISTORY - streaming Now!

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Now on qobuz & TIDAL (because everything is better in 24/96)!

News from HISTORY headquarters!



IAMA | International Acoustic Music Awards | Winners:

STEVE SOFFERIN wins Country/Bluegrass Category

Acoustic Music Awards - promoting excellence in Acoustic Music Performance and Artistry

IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) (




The History... 

A serendipitous meeting with Raz Koren at the Drake Hotel bar in Toronto...  10 songs, a shot & a beer or two later, and we're making an album!  With Raz at the Production helm, a bevy of Martin guitars, the Steve Sofferin Songbook, and Calvin Hartwick, Head Engineer, we headed into Dream House Studio. 

Over the next 24 months, with the help & collaboration of...

  • Raz's expertly crafted charts & arrangements.
  • Clifton David Broadbridge, taking us to the edge of the analog sonic frontier.     
  • Dream House, El Mocambo Productions, Revolution Recording, JCM.
  • My wife Lisa (my biggest fan), along for the entire ride.
  • The beautiful & talented Mara Sofferin, always by my side.    

Our rock-solid Rhythm Section

  • Raz Koren (Electric Guitar)
  • Steve Sofferin (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Chris Pruden (Keys)
  • Mathieu Rousseau (Bass)
  • Mike Boyd (Drums)

The Keeper of the Groove

  • Trevor Yearwood (Congas & Percussion)

The sweet, spot-on harmonies:

  • Buffy Vanderbuhrn, Sophie Berkal-Sarbit, & Miranda Di Perno

The History-Horns:

  • Alexis Baro (Trumpet & Flugelhorn)
  • Braxton Raymond (Tenor Sax)
  • Nebyu Yohannes (Trombone)

Our twang team:

  • Aaron Goldstein (Pedal Steel - Two Shots of Jack)
  • Adrian Cooke (Pedal Steel - History)

The Porch Song Players:    

  • Frank Evens (Banjo)
  • Ben Plotnick (Fiddle)

Our extraordinary String Section:

  • Emily Hau (Violin)
  • Ann Atkinson (Violin)
  • Amanda Penner (Cello)
  • Alex McMaster (Viola)

The musical contributions of:

  • Jason Apostle (Piano), Elliott Gwynne & David Haskett (Bass)

The expert arranging, editing, project management, guitar work and genius of our                          Producer, RAZ KOREN.

Engineering every night into the wee-small by CALVIN HARTWICK.

The lush analog sound, and our sonic-defender to the end, Mixing Engineer,                                 CLIFTON DAVID BROADBRIDGE,  El Mocambo Productions.

The exceptional Mastering by JOAO CARVALHO.

EDDIE KRAMER'S two-cents (more valuable than a Bitcoin).

Written, performed & recorded with Martin, Gibson and Fender Guitars.

D-28   D-42   0000-28H   Gibson ES-335   Fender Stratocaster

Our studio survival & hydration checklist:    

Basil Hayden, Woodford Reserve, Bobcaygeon Beer, & Grow-a-Pear Cider, Burgers Priest, Fresh Off the Boat, and Peoples Eatery.    

...We've got ourselves an album, BEST TIME EVER!