From the recording HISTORY


B.B. (I’ll be King Someday) ©2017 Steve Sofferin
Nobody knows ya, In Indianola
A seed in a dust bowl, but that Boy could sing
Strings from a pawn shop, Some soul and some blacktop
Miles from Memphis, you’d become King
With Bill at the console, deep in Chicago
We got "So Excited", you played until dawn
Nobody loves you, but your Mama, that ain't true
And now that we're so blue, that thrill ain't gone
            Playin' the Blues on DIA
            “Every day I have the Blues” (first chorus)
            “Someday Baby”, My Own Fault” (second chorus)
            “Pay’n the Cost to be the Boss” (final chorus)
            A Sweet Little Angel heard you say
            Lucille, I'll be King someday
Small clubs, a few hits, juke joints and bus trips
Bar fights and no tips, and 3:00 blues
To big crowds in Harlem, The Regal and London
Cook County loved him, Beale St. too
Ringo and Leon, Bono and Clapton
Jagger and Bill Graham, pay'n B.B. his dues
A new generation, The Medal of Freedom
Grammy's and stardom, that’s the power of the Blues
Strings from a pawn shop, some soul and some blacktop
Miles from Memphis, you'd become King