1. Standin'

From the recording HISTORY


Standin’ © 2017 Steve Sofferin
I’ve been standin’, in this bar line, so long it ain’t true
I’ve been standin’ here for hours ‘cause I listened to you
I’ve been drowning my sorrows, in a little glass cup
Did you tell me the truth or did you make it all up
Got to wonder, what you’re thinking, can’t settle for less
It’s the only thing, puts my mind at rest
Left my loving, back with you, Like it back to myself,
Oh, why can’t I find somebody else
I’ve been standin’, in the corner
          Try to forget romance
          Hey mister, have you got another quarter
          I got that urge to dance.
Got my head turned, towards the sunrise, best way to go
See the sun shine down like a pot of gold
Feels good, to be leaving, best thing I’m told
Lord it sure feels good to be out on your own