From the recording HISTORY


Two Shots of Jack © 2017 Steve Sofferin
Just before morning, I opened my eyes,
When I reached over, what a surprise.
Before I could stand up, my feet on the floor,
I heard your footsteps, and you slam the door.
I ran to the kitchen, the coffee was on,
You’d been up writing, since early dawn.
You wrote of the reasons, you need a new start,
but back in the kitchen, you broke this old heart.
You left your favorite things,
here in this house with me.
You think you’re wild and free,
And I’m here alone.
I think I’ll walk on back,
Start getting back on track.
Bartender, two shots of Jack,
and start gettin’ on
Every so often, I start thinking back,
the note that you left me, and how our lives passed.
The heart is so fragile, and love is so blue,
and when I reach over, I’m still thinking of you.